Reign Of The Superman the sequel of Death of Superman

“Reign of the Supermen!” was a multi-part storyline published in alternating Superman titles from June-October of 1993. The story followed events that first took place during the “Death of Superman” storyline, as well as the follow-up story-arc “Funeral for a Friend”.

The storyline is significant for not only resurrecting the DCU’s most famous super-hero, but also because it chronicled the destruction of Coast City at the hands of Mongul and the Cyborg Superman. While this event is only tangentially tied to the Superman mythos, its reverberations had lasting effects which culminated in the three-part Green Lantern story-arc “Emerald Twilight”.



4 supermen
 1. Cyborg Supermn (Hank Henshaw)   2. The Eradicator      3. Superboy      4. Steel (John Henry)



The four alternative Superman consist of: 

  1. Cyborg Superman: The Power of Superman who is a little devoid of emotions but great hero
  2. The Eradicator: Represents the quarter of Superman that is the last son of Krypton
  3. Superboy: If Superman was raised by The Kardashians 
  4. Steel (John Henry Irons): Humanity and Heart that Superman brings to the show


In addition, “Reign of the Supermen!” introduced two long-standing super-hero characters, John Henry Irons, who would goes by the code-name Steel, and a new Superboy, who was in fact a partial clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Both of these characters would go on to star in their own ongoing titles.

The four alternative, superman characters each represent an aspect of Clark Kent for instance additionally Lois Lane takes on a major role as a reporter and taking control of the story also being Clarke’s love interest, discovering Clark Kent’s heritage and who he truly is, Superman represents hope. According to Jim Kreig (The screenwriter) the threat is more threatening than ever before becuase of Doomsday/Lex Luthor and other issues in this superhero mythos, each superman character is here to back up Clark as he prepares for his rededemption they each have their own agenda some good some bad.

In a way Clark is reborn through his counterparts. Superman represents hope and at the end of Death of Superman that hope is dead Comics adapted from Superman Doomsday complete story two parts, take the source material and amplify it, in this video presentation we learn from the creators, writers, producers and director (Sam Liu), the message in these two movies is How we destroy are heroes”“Death of Superman” and Reign of Superman”“How we make our superheroes”.

Superman vs Doomsday 

“Lois Lane: Clark reborn”

“Superman, represents hope and at the end of Death of Superman, that hope is gone”

“More threatning than ever”


Hope is the theme S means Hope in Krypton reference from Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice




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Date published: 28/07/18