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As a anime advocate, I am a big supporter of Beyblade and I think I have found a great next generation Beyblade anime called Beyblade Burst and it is epic, this anime to me is epic, I am interested in game anime such as the original Beyblade, Beyblade V-Force and Beyblade G-Revolution,  

The original Beyblade anime series is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Aoki to promote sales of spinning tops called “Beyblades.” Originally serialized in CoroCoro Comic from September 1999 to July 2004, the individual chapters were collected and published in 14 tankōbon by Shogakukan. The series focuses on a group of kids who form teams with which they battle one another using Beyblades.

The manga is licensed for English language release in North America by Viz Media. An anime adaptation, also titled Beyblade and spanning 51 episodes, aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from January 8, 2001, to December 24, 2001. The second, Beyblade V-Force, ran for another 51 episodes from January 7, 2002, until December 30, 2002. Beyblade G-Revolution, the third and final adaptation, also spanned 52 episodes (the last two episodes were released together as a double-length special in Japan) and aired from January 6, 2003, until its conclusion on December 29, 2003. Hasbro Studios and Nelvana Limited licensed the anime for an English-language release. Takara Tomy developed the Beyblade toy line.




Date published: 24/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Beyblade Burst Music Video (1/2) [YouTube]  (2) Beyblade Burst Music Video (2/2) [YouTube]

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