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Barcelona, Spain –July 24, 2018– For true basketball fans, U-Play Online will be launching their classic management game International Basketball Manager on Steam later this summer. The game will feature updated fictional squads corresponding to season 2017-2018.

International Basketball Manager brings us back to the court to put ourselves in the shoes of a basketball club manager. Sign the best players for your team, train them effortfully and win as many trophies as you can. The game contains 12 national leagues, 2 European competitions, and 7 national squad competitions.

“We got into professional game development because we wanted to create a game inspired by the classic PC Basket”, says Jordi Torras, CEO at U-Play Online. “We are keen to launch a new edition of our oldest saga and share our passion for basketball with other fans”.

U-Play Online’s Basketball Manager saga, born in 2008, was published in Spain, Italy and in some Eastern European countries. Pro Basket Manager (2008), Euroleague Basketball Manager (2009) and International Basketball Manager (2010) are the titles preceding the brand new International Basketball Manager (2018).  


  • 2 match simulation modes: virtual and result.
  • 14 competitions throughout the world. Play the best leagues in the globe such as USA, Spain, Russia, Italy, France, Greece, Germany… and two pan-European major competitions.
  • Multiplayer matches in one computer (8 players max.).
  • More than 15 qualities to define players (fit, mind, attack, defense, adaptation, loyalty…).
  • Retire the No. of your stars and see them in the museum.
  • Specific training for each player to improve their strengths depending on age and the capacity of your staff.
  • Modular extension of the pavilion and its facilities (car park, dressing rooms, electrical equipment, scoreboards…).
  • Sign, transfer on loan, transfer or fire players to conveniently adapt your squad.
  • Call up a good scouting team and ask them to visit international tournaments to discover top rookies before than your competitors.
  • Play with different national teams and play in tournaments such as the World Cup, the European Cup and the Olympic Games.

Additional Information

About U-Play Online
U-Play Online is an independent video game studio based in the city of Barcelona, Spain. This top-awarded studio, founded in 2007, and staffed by basketball enthusiasts, have created top hits such Youtubers Life, Striker Manager, and the all-time classic Basketball Manager saga (International Basketball Manager, Euroleague Basketball Manager and Pro Basket Manager).


Date published: 24/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) U-Play Studios for International Basketball Manager [Gamespress press release]

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