“F*** Batman”. So edgy, The first trailer for “Titans (2018) is pretty dark and gritty — the first original scripted series for DC Entertainment’s new streaming service which will be offering comics, animated series’ and live action TV shows exclusive to DC Comics. The Titans (2018) DC Universe first trailer was revealed at Sandiego Comic-con — on Thursday, revealing a dark side of Dick Grayson, also known as Robin, Rachel Roth (Raven), the green beastly Beast Boy and the alien princess Starfire in action using her powers.

The teaser comes as Comic-Con kicks off Thursday in San Diego. DC also on Thursday revealed the subscription cost for DC Universe. Annual subs to the service, which also includes digital comics, library content, and a social-media element, will be available for $74.99. Monthly subscriptions will be available for $7.99. Pre-orders for the app opened Thursday.

“Titans,” from Warner Bros. Television, is set to premiere this year, with two other WBTV live-action series, “Doom Patrol” and “Swamp Thing,” slated to debut in 2019. Also scheduled to premiere next year on the service are new series “Harley Quinn” and the third season of “Young Justice,” both from Warner Bros. Animation.



The highlights of this trailer for me include:

Robin “F**K Batman: In this trailer we see a lot of lore, and background of the Dick Grayson character

Rachel Roth also known as Raven 

Beast Boy 





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Additonally each character within the trailer’s backstory can be explained in detail, allow me to do so within this article.


  1. Robin’s backstory 

This live action re-imagining of the Titans will introduce Dick Grayson as a independant leader of a team of young superheroes, Dick Grayson is well known for being the famous sidekick of Batman and he is sick of it, so he quit and is biter at the fact that his working relationship with Batman is terminated but I know they are still in contact.

Now that Dick Grayson is on his own, he has decided to become a cop/detective offiially



2. Raven 


3. Beast Boy 


4. Starfire 


Date published: 19/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Comicbook.com [YouTube]  (2) Comicbookmovie.com [Titans Trailer Breakdown]

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