So, on of the greatest anime/manga’s of the decade My Hero Academia is taking over the anime scene, but there’s one thing I feel like a lot of anime and My Hero Academia fans are interested in and that is the UA traitor, Nezu  mentioned in an episode of My Hero Academia in a meeting with the other teachers, staff of UA that he had a strong speculation that their was a traitor amongst UA, but this traitor.

This My Hero Academia conspiracy theory is a very significant and interesting one because the traitor theory has been discussed through the My Hero Academia fandom, the conspiracy is about a member of student body is actually secretly working for the League of villains and is leaking vital information the Tomura Shigaraki the current leader of the League of villains.

Now I want to discuss, the suspects and who I think the possible traitor could be, 

Toru Hakagure invisible girl

Kaminari electrotion 

















Date published: 19/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) @aitaikimochii [Twitter]

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