Digimon Survive Announced For PS4 And Nintendo Switch, Survive in a dangerous world.

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Check out the digital scan for Digimon Survive 


The latest issue of Weekly Jump has shown the upcoming Digimon Survive, a survival simulation Role-playing game centered on story and choices for PlayStation 4 and Switch. It will launch in 2019.

The main character of Digimon Survive is a boy named Takuma Momotsuka, a second-year middle school student who is suddenly transported from camp to a dangerous world where life-threatening monsters wander about. Together with his partner Digimon Agumon, he will boldly face his severe situation and embark on a survival adventure in order to return home.

Check out the features below: 

  • Your Choices Affect Digivolution and the Story – The choices you make during your adventure will change the development of the story, as well as the monsters you can Digivolve during battle. There are various possibilities. While conversation scenes use 2D illustrations, they are depicted with 3D-esque spatial presentation.
  • Explore Another World – The keys to the story are hidden at various points on the field. Point and click at locations of interest to investigate.
  • Simulation Battles Where Choice Determines Victory – Move your Digimon partners around the field and fight against enemies. During battle, “Energy” is used to perform actions, including Digivolution. Skillfully utilizing your Energy is the key to victory.

The official website will be available here.

It should be noted that Digimon Survive is not the new Digimon Story title series producer Kazumasa Habu announced back in December 2017.




Date published: 19/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) ryokutya2089.com

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