July 15th 2018 Happy Birthday to Izuku Midoriya

July 15 2018, is the anniversary or birthday, of Izuku Midoriya the main protagonist of My Hero Academia, the anime/manga that is taking over 2018. This manga was created by mangaka Kohei Horishoki, Izuku also known as Deku is a great shounen protagonist voice by Daiki Yamashita who is a Japanese voice actor from Shizouka Prefecture, he is affiliated with Arts Visions which is a Japanese talent agency that employs a large number of talented high-profile Japanese voice actors it was founded in 1984 by Sakumi Matsuda. Daiki Yamashita is well-known for voicing other notable anime characters such as Sakamichi Onoda from Yowamushi Pedal and many others.

My Hero Academia has taking over the anime community in 2018, this anime is one of the biggest anime/manga out right now with three seasons released on anime streaming services such as Crunchyroll and others out there, this anime is amazing and if you’re interested in the superhero genre at all I recommend you look up this anime and start watching it and check out the manga too in your local book stores and online, this anime is your typical underrated character but throughout the series a lot of new revelations are revealed within the story and within the characters’ story arcs. 

My favourite characters are 



(1) The official My Hero Academia Twitter feed announced that July 15th is the birthday of Izuku Midoriya the main character for My Hero Academia, this is an awesome post becuase it shows two similar images on the left, you can see the anime version Deku in his new superhero costume and on the right you can see the official behind the scenes sketch from the official people who created this anime and drew the character the two images have a great contrast between the official sketch and anime version both are epic, I love this manga/anime arigatou Kohei Horishoki for creating Boku no Hero Academia and Izuku Midoriya and of course Happy Birthday to one of my favourite characters in anime. (JULY 15 2018) 


(2) The Twitter user @ozox_D3Q has drawn a really impressive sketch of Deku the main character and superhero in training, Izuku was born quirkless but became All-Might’s apprentice with his hardwork and All-Might passing down the One For All quirk which is a transferable superpower which increases strength, speed and agility. The picture is amazing and Happy Birthday to Izuku Midoriya. 

(3) Jim Lee, the DC Entertainment publisher and chief creative officer for DC Comics and a well-known comic book illustrator and writer for DC Comics drew the awesome and famous character from My Hero Academia, All-Might, this picture is one of my favourites I like Jim Lee’s style, black & white noir style and overall sketch it’s fantastic.

(4) The Twitter user @StrawHatNinjas posted this awesome video from episode 52 of My Hero Academia season 3, the video shows Bakugo-shounen training and coming up with ideas for a new super move but he goes too far and shots at a cliff creating falling debris that is about to land on All-Might but Deku see’s this as a golden opportunity to show off his new Full Cowling Shoot Style technique which is a superpower special attack where Izuku uses one for all but utilises the power in his feet to attack his opponent, so in laymen terms he kicks with the power of one for all his quirk.




Date published: 16/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Heroaca_anime [Twitter]  (2) ozox_D3Q [Twitter]  (3) Jim Lee [Twitter]    (4)  StrawHatNinjas [Twitter]

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