The Dual-Wielding Marauder Leads the Update with New Graphics, Weapons and Customizations

Gameloft is thrilled to announce the latest update to Modern Combat 5, introducing the Marauder, a powerful dual-wielding class sure to be popular with players old and new.

The full list of updates include:

  • NEW CLASS – The Dual Wielding Marauder. His massive firepower has no match, but can he get close enough?! Wreak havoc with any of the 7 Tiers or 2 Prestige grade dual Pistols or SMGs.
  • ESPORTS – Weekly MC5 Tournaments continue! Real money up for grabs each week.
  • DAILY REWARDS – Log in daily and assemble a high Tier weapon each month.
  • PRO TOURNAMENTS – Leveling the playing field by restricting Cores or Prestige weapons.
  • PRESTIGE CUSTOMIZATIONS – One unique design for each of the Prestige Weapons.
  • TECH STEP UP – Feast your eyes on the improved GFX.



Date published: 13/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) From: Gameloft, Re: Modern Combat 5 [Gamespress Press Release] 

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