With Three Latin America-Developed Games Slated for 2018, Company Showcases the Region’s Talent to the World; Serves as Conduit for Publishing Partners Seeking to Leverage the Untapped Market

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: July 11, 2018 – Inca Games, a new incubator and publisher of independent video games, has been formed with the mission to bring games developed in Latin America to the world. Based in Buenos Aires with offices in the Netherlands and San Francisco, Inca Games is led by the same executive team behind Sixth Vowel Studio, the developers of the upcoming tactical RPG Element: Space.

It was navigating the challenges of the video game business, both universal and those unique to the LatAm region, during the development of Element: Spacethat led to the founding of Inca Games. The team wanted to find a way to share their experience and learnings with other studios that share their cultural vibe and passion.

“Building a good game is hard but finishing it and getting it published are colossal tasks,” said Javier Entelman, CEO of Inca Games. “Latin American developers typically encounter an additional set of difficulties that block their path towards launching a game such as access to dev kits, production and go-to-market experience, funding and more. Working on Element: Space we gained an understanding of how to overcome these challenges, and now want to share that knowledge with other indies by incubating and publishing their projects.”

Inca Games provides a range of services covering the needs of the region’s development community – incubation, funding, production assistance, business support, outsourcing, scouting, and overall guidance to bring their games to market. What differentiates Inca from other publishers is that the team speaks the same language and shares the same cultural sensibilities as the local developers they’re trying to help. Inca then helps by serving as a bridge with the bigger markets around the world.

Aiding the Inca Games team are several industry veterans, excited by the opportunity to help grow the talented LatAm region as a viable games market. Sarah W. Stocker, who led studios and production teams at Glu Mobile, Stormfront Studios and Sony Playstation; and Mark Danks, who served as technical director at Electronic Arts, Stormfront Studios and Sony Playstation on multiple best-selling franchises. Stocker and Danks join Inca Games as Directors of Incubation, working with Inca’s in-house and independent LatAm teams on best practices of game development and technical direction. Elizabeth Olson, long-time industry veteran in marketing, PR, business development and formerly the founding EIC of Game Informer, has joined the team as Marketing Director.

“We’ve been consulting with development teams throughout Latin America for the last ten years and are always looking for ways to both share best practices for success and shine a spotlight on the talent in the region,” said Sarah W. Stocker “LatAm developers possess huge creativity but often have difficulty overcoming the production challenges faced when finishing a commercial product. Help from Inca Games and its industry veterans provide the best opportunity for these teams to achieve their goals and bring their unique and exciting games to market”.

According to NewZoo’s 2017 Global Games Market Report, the Latin American region represents more than 200 million ‘gamers’ or an estimated $4.4 Billion USD, and has one of the industry’s highest growth rates, 13 percent, year-over-year, making it one of the most underserved yet promising emerging markets.

In addition to curating and incubating the best indie games of the region, Inca Games hopes to encourage the growth of the entire Spanish-speaking gamer community. The company plans to create a portal on its site that will enable more flexible payment options – important in a region where credit cards are not yet ubiquitous. It also hopes to partner with co-publishers to bring games from the region to a global audience and serve as a conduit for publishers wishing to enter the LatAM region.

Inca Games has three games slated for release in 2018-early 2019. Its flagship game and most ambitious LatAm PC game to date, Element: Space, is a ‘triple I’ Tactical Turn-based RPG from its internal development team Sixth Vowel. Two additional games are expected from the publishing label this year. Shadow Brawlers, a fast-paced stealth party brawler from Team Guazu, has been awarded as best game by the jury on EVA 2017 and was an Indie Prize finalist at Casual Connect USA. Gaulicho Games’ Tango: The Adventure Game beautifully recounts the history of the Argentine Tango. The company is seeking a Series A round of investment to help accelerate growth of the incubation services and curate additional titles.

Inca Games has partnered with indie studios and projects that represent the development spirit of Latin America, with a strong commitment to give a voice to local production and talent. For additional information, please visit www.incagames.com


Date published: 11/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) From: Inca Games [Gamespress Press Release]

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