July 3, 2018  

How does a space opera sound? It is the exquisite combination of a 30-person orchestra, a full choir and the reverberant synthesizer work of our own  FlybyNo . And now, the highly acclaimed Endless Space 2 soundtrack   will finally be captured on a timeless double-track vinyl.

G4F Records, FlybyNo and Amplitude Studios have teamed up to offer a pre-sale campaign for limited edition rewards records. The first 200 copies will be autographed by FlybyNo.

The first 500 reservations will receive additional rewards that include the digital version of the soundtrack, a  special faction hero  and a unique ES2 mat.

Be one of the first 500 people to reserve the vinyl before August 3 and take advantage of the limited edition rewards!

Book the vinyl  here now .


Are you curious about the completion of the OST? In a rare interview, FlybyNo reveals more about the inspiration behind and the creation of Endless Space 2:

For more information about FlybyNo, see his  biography of G4F . Endless Space 2 is now available on  Steam .

For more information about Endless Space 2, visit  www.endless-space.com  or follow us on  Facebook ,  Twitter  and  YouTube . To keep abreast of the latest SEGA, visit  www.sega.co.uk .


Date published: 04/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Cosmocover and SEGA Endless Space 2 [Games press, Press Release] 

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