Learn more about Mia Karnstein, armed with her rifle, she will protect her brother against anyone who tries to harm him in #CodeVein. Scheduled for a 29th of September 2018 release Bandai Namco Entertaiment Europe are giving us amazing reveal trailers, now we are getting to see more of the lore and story that will be upon us, this is a dystopian Japanese role-playing video game where you play as a revenant protaganist where you can customise the main character.

English Dubbed:



Japanese version:



Mia Karn will be one of your sidekicks you’ll partner up with in Code Vein. She’s a wandering female revenant who wanders the land called “Vein.” She’s accompanied by her younger brother, Nicolas, whom she’ll do anything to protect. Her weapon of choice is a bayonet-styled weapon that can be used to attack from a distance.

Code Vein releases in North America and Europe on September 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll arrive a day earlier in Japan on September 27, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.


Date published: 03/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Bandai Namco UK [Instagram] 

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