Team Sonic Racing is here to make you the true racer you want to be !!!




What is the latest work of the “Sonic” series team race! Cooperate Waza and give your rivals a difference!

“Team Sonic Racing” scheduled to be released this winter on PlayStation® 4 is the first
team racing title of the “Sonic” series.

Game nature full of sprinting feeling unique’
to the series is inherited also in this work,
this time the race system competing in rank with team competition of three people is a big feature.

Cooperation with teammates is the key to victory,
this work incorporates various elements. Since the powerful things are in
“cooperation work” that can be activated by the team, let’s use it well and let out the rivals.



Familiar friends battle in the race! Participating characters and favorite cars are here!








Machines on which each character boards are perfect for each image and race style! Let’s introduce Team Sonic and Team Dark’s members from participating members this time.

In addition, since the players can freely rearrange the three members, it is a good idea to arrange their favorite members.




Machine design that can also identify the type that is good from the appearance.
Machines controlled by power type characters are also powerful looking!



  1. Team Sonic 




Sonic (Speed Type)


Knuckles (Power Type)





Tails (Technique Type)




2.                                                                          Team Dark 



Shadow (Speedtype)





Omega (Power type) 





Rogue the Bat (Technique Type)


“Cooperation Waza” that team members cooperate and others, there are lots of elements to make the race excitement!

It is the key to victory to successfully use cooperative work with a member in battle with a member in team warfare of three people who race in cooperation with friends. Exchanging items, accelerate … … Use well and carry the race development advantageously.




Touch dash
Technique to accelerate friends by grazing near the teammate which slowed down.

Line boost
Technique to accelerate at a stretch from teammate ‘s slipstream area.

Item box transfer
Team mates can exchange items anywhere on the course. If a friend has possessed items when they need it, let them forward it.

Ultimate boost, which can be used when Team Ultimate Gauge accumulates, all members accelerate super!
“Team Ultimate Gauge” will gradually accumulate when you decide the skill with your friends by showing teamwork.
When this gauge fills up, the intense boost “Ultimate · Boost” that all members can use can be activated.
Where to decide this Ultimate ·
Boost depends on the player’s command.




Customize the racing car freely! The racing car can unlock parts in the game and the player can freely customize the performance and appearance. You may compensate for weaknesses, or even extend the strengths. Let’s find the best tuning for yourself.







There are three types of racing cars, broadly speaking, speed type,
power type, and technique type. How to customize, show my arms!


Series familiar “whisp” appeared as an item!
“Sonic” series familiar character “Whisp”, this time appeared in the game as an item that excites the race development.
Whispes acquired from item boxes on the course are items that can be used for various purposes such as attack and defense.

Protect yourself against rival attacks and do obstructive work, aim at No. 1 with whisp at the timing you are here.





All 14 types of whisp are effective for attacking the leading vehicle,
those for obstructing all vehicles, and ultra powerful things that make it possible to reverse greatly.

Implementation of various game modes is scheduled for this work so that it can be enjoyed for a long time even in single play.
“Team adventure mode” where the original story develops is a must-see!


Team adventure mode
A story based on a completely new scenario develops. It also supports local multiplayer.

Grand Prix mode
Mode competing for team courses for 4 courses.

Exhibition mode
Mode where you can race by customizing rules and settings freely.

Time trial
Mode that you can compete with your best time.

Challenge mode
With a variety of rules you can enjoy up to 12 online multipliers. 





One of the new courses of this work, “Whisp Circuit”. It is a course that attracts dynamic making, such as a long corner that runs through the big trees seen in the back. Team racing of three pairs is the first in the series! It is quite unique attempt to exchange items with colleagues anywhere on the course. It is a racing game where dramatic reversal plays like collecting items and collecting items and reversing etc.

Team Sonic Racing · Publisher: SEGA Games · Format: PlayStation® 4 · Genre: Racing · Release date: scheduled to be released this winter · Price: TBD · Number of players: 1 to 4 people (Network cooperation · Max 12 players) · CERO: Scheduled for review.





Date published: 01/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) PlayStation Japan [Team Sonic Racing]

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