Jessica Chastain will play the adult Bev.


Last year’s (2017) The great Stephen King adaptation It was a huge box office success, with a worldwide take of $700 million, and inevitably the sequel is on the way. Unlike many horror follow-ups, however, It: Chapter 2 was planned before the first movie had even been released and will complete King’s story. The film has now started production, and we have a first behind-the-scenes image.

It: Chapter 2 is set 30 years after the first film, with the movie following adult versions of the kids in the original. Jessica Chastain is among the new cast members, and she will play Beverly Marsh, the sole female member of the Loser’s Club. Chastain posted an image on Instagram that shows her transformation into the character–check it out below.

“Team Sonic Racing” that you can play with your friends locally, as well as single play, and compete your skills with users around the world on the network. The game base is based on a group of three teams, but you can play a single race as before.

Machines on which each character boards are perfect for each image and race style! Let’s introduce Team Sonic and Team Dark’s members from participating members this time.







Date published: 01/07/18

Source: (1) Gamespot [IT Stephen King Chapter 2]

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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