Dr Eggman confirmed for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

 This is hilarious, funny and interesting news, well it looks like The Paramount Picture’s scheduled 2019 hybrid CGI/Live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie directed by Jeff Fowler and the following staff: Patrick Cassey (screenplay), Josh Miller (screenplay), Yuji Naka (characters), Naota Oshima (characters), Van Robichaux (story), Evan Susser (story), Oren Uziel (screenplay) and Hirokazu Yasuhara (characters). 

Apparently, fellow actor James Marsden will be starring in the Sonic the hedgehog movie alongside actress Tika Sumpter. I am assuming James Marsden could be Sonic’s ally he could be a cop, detective or some other type of authoritative figure and Tika Sumpter could be a princess character or the female acquaintance.




Deadline reported that Jim Carrey is heading back to the big screen, and is in talks to play Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Doctor Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog. This will be the comedic legend’s first major blockbuster in a number of years. His more recent theatrical work worth mentioning includes The Bad Batch, Dumb and Dumber To, and Kick-Ass 2. None of these films were too successful but were mediocre at best, so Sonic gives Carrey a role that will hopefully reach the masses, and possibly restore a bit of his old movie star sheen.

Regardless of how Carrey looks while playing Doctor Eggman, it’s a role that could allow his naturally goofy nature to shine – especially if he transforms his appearance to match the villain’s classic look. While Carrey is much more than just a comedian at this point, that is an aspect to his career that many would like to see more of. Sonic could give him the chance to play a zany, over-the-top villain, while also giving the project a big name talent. How well it plays on the screen remains to be seen, but Paramount is certainly aiming high as they finish casting Sonic the Hedgehog.




Date published: 30/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) IGN [Twitter] (2) Deadline [Sonic the Hedgehog Movie]

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