Sony are increasing their Spider-Man movie Universe, actor Jared Leto will be potraying Motbius the vampire 

Sony Pictures have, big news to unravel to their audience and, this time it is regarding the upcoming Spider-Man Movie Universe, multiple sources the academy award winning actor Jared Leto will be potraying the vampire Morbius the living vampire this movie will be directed by Daniel Espinosa, this spin-off movie is one of the many movies Sony Picture’s are planning to develop.

Morbius is a Spider-Man chsracter who is a Living Vampire, a scientist named Dr. Michael Morbius PhD,  MD, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Roy Thomas and originally designed by penciler Gil Kane, the character first appeared as an antagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (Oct. 1971).

Despite his initial status as one of Spider-Man’s horror-based rogues, Morbius went on to become a brooding and gritty, albeit heroic and tragically flawed anti-hero in his own series and other titles. Morbius’ true identity is that of a former award-winning biochemist named: Michael Morbius, who is imbued with vampiric superhuman abilities and physical traits stemming from a failed biochemical experiment, which was intended to cure his rare blood disorder, as opposed to supernatural means, with the rest of his appearances featuring his struggles with his inhuman-like vampiric persona, his insatiable lust for human blood, and his subsequent efforts to cure his horrific condition, along with his eventual stint as a brutal and nightmarish vigilante. The character has appeared in various animated shows and video games. Jared Leto will portray the character in a live-action film adaptation set to be part of Sony’s Marvel Universe.


Jared Leto on the left sporting a cool red blazer with his long hair and beard looking righteousand on the right Mobius lifting Spider-Man 

Daniel Espinosa the director is well known for directing films such as (Safe House; Life) will direct with a script from the writing duo of Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, whose past credits include Netflix’s Lost in Space, Power Rangers, Gods of Egypt, The Last Witch Hunter, and Dracula Untold. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing alongside Lucas Foster while Palak Patel will oversee the project for the studio.

The release date has is to be announced production is expected to begin sometime this year. Jared Leto, of course, is also well-known for playing the Joker in David Ayer’s critically-reviled Suicide Squadand the Crown Prince of Crime in the DC Films universe will remain unaffected by his new role in Sony’s Spider-Verse. His more recent credits include Denis Villeneuve’s critically-acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 and Martin Zandvliet’s The Outsider. Jared Leto will also potray Joker once again in a stand alone Joker movie, Warner Bros are in charge of that future project.

As for his future as the Joker, Leto is currently rumored to star in at least three upcoming DC Films, including Suicide Squad 2, an untitled Joker/Harley Quinn project, and Gotham City Sirens. The status of each of those films remains up in the air, but expect to possibly get some answers next month at San Diego Comic-Con.

Morbius is just the latest Spidey spinoff confirmed by Sony, joining the Tom Hardy-led Venom, which is due out this October, and the Black Cat/Silver Sable movie, Silver and Black. However, while these films presumably take place in a universe where Spidey does indeed exist, we still have no idea whether everyone’s favorite neighborhood wallcrawler will ever pop up to interact with some of the more popular characters in his rogues’ gallery. 




Date published: 28/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Variety Jared Leto Morbius (2) IGNdotcom [Instagram]

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