Today, the next Overwatch hero has been revealed in one of the most obscure way, the short clip from Play Overwatch’s Twitter page shows a rolling spherical mecha robot rolling in tha after proceeding into on four mechanical legs and a twin gatling guns shooting in the open world, the furball could be a hamster or gerbil but either way it is a cute creature after the shooting is done the creature comes up out of his/hers mech suit and is giggling with the creatures’ chubby cheeks this is the cutest character in Overwatch.




The release date for this new character, backstory video explaning the origins is to be announced but I am assuming soon we will be getting more news on this character and who he or she is about, one thing for sure he\she is a hero, well I hope.


Check out the video below: 




Check out the badass mech suit




Date published: 28/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Overwatch [Twitter]

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