5 expensive video games you may own written by Rebecca Geizura (Game Over Box)


5. Tooth Protectors (Atari 2600) $450


Tooth Protectors was one of the first video games to sponsor a company.  Johnson and Johnson released this game by mail order only.  You play as the Tooth Protector and must save the teeth from the snake.  To do this, you must stop the snake from shooting breadcrumbs.  If the teeth get take too much damage, you can clean them with a toothbrush.




4. Suikoden II (Playstation 1) $150





In this role-playing game, players control a boy who must travel around the world map and advancing the plot.  The side quests and strategic elements make this game one of the most expensive games for the original Playstation. A new factory sealed game may sell for around $300!

3. Musha (Sega Genesis) $300


(Melbourne Console Reproductions)

Musha is one of the few good quality shooting games on the Sega Genesis.  This was a very popular game in Japan, but it never caught on in the United States.  It was also never released in Europe making it a very sought-after game.


2. Shantae (Gameboy Color) $320




This semi-rare game is highly underrated.  Shantae is a platform adventure game that features a half-genie half-girl named Shantae as she travels to defeat an evil lady pirate. The game was released in 2002 shortly after the release of the newer, more powerful Gameboy Advance.


1. Earthbound (SNES) $200




Earthbound has come to be known as one of the most legendary Japanese RPGs ever created.  The real-world setting and sense of humor make this game so popular today.  The main character Ness can even be seen in many Super Smash Bros games for various Nintendo consoles.  The lack of interest upon release led to a game that was under manufactured.  If you have this game sealed in the box, you could sell it for around $2,000!

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Date published: 01/06/18

Written by: Rebecca Geizura (Game Over Box)

Source (1): Game Over Box

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