By: Joseph Opoku (@SCORPZ0001)

With the news of the Power Rangers 2017 movie being distributed by Lionsgate coming out March 24th, I feel like fans should have their own say in what they expect to see in the upcoming film. Power Rangers is a long time childhood franchise, many 90s kids have not let go of this amazing TV show, I have been watching Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin and I enjoyed other seasons’ as well such as Ninja storm, Wildforce, Dino Thunder, Dino Super Charge and many others.


In my opinion, the film needs to feature scenes where there are many unmorphed fights against the puddies. This would eventually lead to their morphing sequence. This scene should also include badass rock music. Similar to the Dino Thunder unmorphed battle original soundtrack. The unmorphed fights make us believe that the five new actors: Dacre Montgomery, R.J Cycler, Noami Scott, Ludi Lin…

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