Check out the dancing Hermoine at MCM London Comic-con

MCM London Comic-con convention happened as usual at the Excel Centre in London and unfortunately I couldn’t make it but that does not mean I coudn’t watch the awesome coverage from the major event from social media.

The MCM comicon shared this video of a dancing Hermoine outside London Excel and it was none other Kelsey Ellison who is a YouTuber and content creator cosplaying as Hermoine at MCM London comic-con 2018 May dancing outside the London Excel centre turning up to the Super Mario theme remix by electronic music duo fainalsaratunes also known a F4SR who produced this future bass remix of the Super Mario theme song.

The cosplayer/dancer featured in this video is a YouTube content creator and cosplayer called Kelsey Ellison, and she is awesome her dance moves and cosplay are excellent and she is turning up having a great time at MCM London comicon as you should be, check out her brief dance video below and the song is F4ST – Super Mario, which is a future house song.







Date published: 29/05/18

Source (1): noodrella [Twitter] (2)  Kelsey Ellison [The dancer’s YouTube] (3) Kelsey Ellison [Her Facebook Page] (4) Kelsey Ellison [Her Twitter]

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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