My Hero Academia movie key visual and details revealed 

The My Hero Academia movie is official and now has a new key visual and new details regarding the story, the new key visual 

/movie main visual ban 💥\ 200-storey high-rise tower on the back, the Dek and the movie version of the new character Melissa, which was fitted with a mysterious item in the right arm, and an explosion and Okako, Iida, the familiar members such as Roar is studded ✨ In addition, the figure of an old friend David lined with all might. What his expression means… ⁉



My Hero Academia The Movie – New Key Visual
– The movie is scheduled to premiere on August 3.


Picture from the My Hero Academia movie Twitter




Date published: 28/05/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) My Hero Academia Movie [Twiter]

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