John Kodera the CEO for Sony Interactive Entertainment, has explained in an interview with Serkan a video game industry consultant that the PlayStation 4 is in its last life-cycle and that the PlayStation 4 is entering its final stage, over the next three years according to the CEO of SIE John Kodera Sony will be implementing steps to prepare for the future developments of their future consoles. 



This news broke out during Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation boss John Kodera said the PlayStation 4 is entering the end of its lifecycle. This could mean a number of things for Sony Interactive Entertainment for instance new plans for future develoments of their future home console the PlayStation 5 and more developments to their PlayStation Network, also this could mean more support for their first and third party developers.

While this could have a negative impact on Sony’s gaming division overall, it probably won’t because revenue from subscription services such as PlayStation Plus may help offset any decline in hardware sales, Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki quoted Kodera as saying.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is not discontinuing the PlayStation 4 now or anytime soon, of course. The system is expected to continue to sell well, as new, exclusive games for it like The Last of Us: Part IISpider-Man, and others come out.

John Kodera was talking to investors and analysts about the health and viability of the PS4 as a platform. Earlier this year, Sony said it expected to sell 16 million PS4s during the year, compared to 19 million during the year prior, so John Kodera was more than likely attempting to contextualize and explain the downturn in sales and what that all means. And the wording about the PS4 entering the end of its lifecycle may mean the system still has many years left of viability, only that the console is not rising as fast as it once did as it relates to sales. And of course, that is expected, given the system was released almost a half-decade ago.




Earlier this year, NPD analyst Matt Piscatella told GamingBolt that the PS4 should have another strong year of sales in 2019, though not as good as 2018. He added that the next PlayStation console probably won’t be released until 2020 or later.Sony’s E3 2018 briefing takes place early next month in Los Angeles.



Written by: Joseph Opoku

Date published: 24/05/18

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