Square Enix’s all exclusive self-contained 3 v 3 fighting game is on a role and the social media co-coordinator’s just released promotional images showcasing, authentic fresh images for the next downloadable content character who is none other than Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Final Fantasy 6). This character is treasure hunter and train worn searching the world over for relics of the past, Locke Cole (written in Japanese) is a also a thief who likes to be called a treasure hunter who is a spy for the Returners, who are a resistance group to the Gestahlian Empire.  

Locke is introduced as a spy, contact, and saboteur for the Returners, when he rescues Terra in the Narshe Mines. He is kindhearted, and is strongly driven to protect women he meets and to defeat the Empire, as he is haunted by unresolved guilt over a past incident in his life. Locke is nonetheless cheerful with his allies, joking around and teasing them at times.

Locke’s ability is Steal, which allows him to take items from enemies. Equipping the Brigand’s Glove relic transforms Steal to Mug, which attacks enemies when stealing. Locke can also equip swords, including more powerful swords such as Ultima Weapon and Lightbringer, as well as boomerangs and daggers. He can also equip most heavy armour.

Locke Cole is a very alluring character, he will be playable for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in late June for the PlayStation 4 and Arcade system worldwide.











Written by: Joseph Opoku

Date published: 16/05/18

Source: (1) Square Enix Locke Cole FFVI – (1/2) [Instagram]  (2) Square Enix Locke Cole FFVI – (2/2) [Instagram] 

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