Skateboarding continues to break the chain of extreme sports, I am a skateboard enthusiast and I have been following skateboarding for a long time now, and I am passionate about skateboard media and how professional skateboarders continue to push the boundary of human athleticism on a skateboard. I think it is amazing how people can manoeuvre and perform tricks and such a high and low magnitude, skateboarding is a hobby I discovered through a video game called “Airblade” on the PlayStation 2, this game was an old school title that was developed Critereon Games in 2001 for Europe and 2002 for North America.  Skateboarding will forever burn in my heart as a passion I want to start again and learn soon to skateboard. 


Check out the coolest profesisinal skateboarders in my opinion below:


  1. Nyjah Huston






2. Trevor Colden






3. Ishod Wair




Kyron Davis





Koragn Gayle





Dawshan Jordan





Curren Caples





Ben Nordberg


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Boo Johnson 



Leticia Bufoni 






Date published: 15/05/18 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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