“Check out this awesome interview I did with New Jabes Team: Punro who is a Ling Xiaoyu Tekken eSports competitor” 

E-sports and gaming tournaments go hand, in hand and competitors are willing to work hard in order to meet their goals which is to win tournaments with their teams, the fighting game community is one of the strongest. Tekken is a Japanese video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment this 3D fighting game head of project Katsuhiro Harada has done a great job introducing this game from Japan to the Western World in particular Europe specially France. 

I got the opportunity, to interview one of the best prospects in the esports Tekken French gaming community she goes by the alias NJT | Punro she is part of the esports team New Jabes Team and she regularly trains and competes with her squad to become stronger and ascend into the world of Tekken eSports. 


(1) Joseph Opoku | : How long have you been playing Tekken. ?


(1) NJT | Punro: Since I was little my parents were always playing Tekken. ! 

My first Tekken was 3 and I instantly fell for Xiaoyu. !


(2) Joseph | Are you in school and what are your plans for a career. ?


(2) NJT| Punro : I’m not a student but I work on Illustrations at the moment, I need the time to find a proper job in art and design.


(3) Joseph Opoku | What country do you come from and what is your nationality and ethnicity. ?


(3) NJT | Punro:  :< I’m French, but I’m from Madagascar, I live in Limoges, and that’s funny because people call it Grey City which is kinda legit xD but I don’t remember Madagascar.


4. Joseph Opoku|  As an illustrator what inspired you to draw in the first place ?



(4) NJT| Punro: Most of the time I draw, when I’m feeling down, to express myself it helps getting better. 

Sometimes I read or listen to music to help. Observing nature is also a good way to express inspiration.


Joseph Opoku| (5) What anime & manga are you watching and reading at the moment ?



(5) NJT| Punro: At the moment I’m on Boruto becuase of the Naruto fangirl inside me. And if the first episodes were a little boring the last ones are better. My favourite manga is Full Metal Alchemist and the first anime was also so cool. But in terms of animation Samurai Champloo is my beloved one !


Joseph Opoku| (6) Do you aspire to be a comic book illustrator ?


(6) NJT| Punro: It was my dream to draw my own comic but Tekken is also an objective since I really wanna be a huge Tekken Player so it’s kinda difficult to deal with both lol.



Joseph Opoku|(7) How did you get involved in playing Tekken 7 competitively  


(7) NJT| Punro: It started when Tekken 5 was a thing, I saw genius and then the idea of being a Tekken player came to me. I was 12 so it was too soon for me. But now this is the chance to make it happen, so I’m trying really hard to improve with my team, and friends.


Joseph Opoku|(8) What team do you compete for and how did you join, also what is your team called and how did they come up with their team name and how did you come up with your alias ?


(8) NJT| Punro: it’s a eSports organisation called NewJabes Team. They’re mostly play Smash and Street Fighter. I participate in a little tournament at the bar, where they’re and win xD the team then they asked me to join. I got excited because I knew that one of our members ( Nasty Nas ) became part of a bigger team and it gave me motivation to improve.


Joseph Opoku|(9) Why is Ling Xiaoyu your favourite character and do you have any other favourite Tekken pro players and characters ?


(9) NJT| Punro:  I was little when i first discovered Tekken. I started with the 3 and i fell for xiaoyu because my parents though we look alike. Then i continued to play her and she became my main! I like Chloe too, because she’s kinda annoying lol i found this pretty funny. ( California Rolling people from Xiaoyu to Chloe lmao ) 

Sodam was the first pro Player i’ve ever watched and even today i’m still a huuuuge fan. I also watched a lot of Gogoy and P.Ling plays too. But in terms of gameplay Sodam is my Senpai for life lol


Joseph Opoku|(10) Apart from France what other future events will you be attending ?


(10) NJT| Punro: Actually i dont rlly know because i need to train more. I really want to be better and to be able to say ” Today i know that i can do something ” and not just watch Asim beat my goddamn ass lol


Joseph Opoku|(11) What other games do you play and what is your preferred console ?


(11) NJT| Punro: Aside of Tekken i play a lot of Osu. I’m also found of horror Games, like The Evil Within or Amnesia. I’ve always played on Playstation !




Check out NJT | Punro vs Kayane 











Date published: 10/05/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) New Jabes Team [French Tekken esports team] (2) One for all might [Instagram]  (3) New Jabes Team [Twitter] (4) NJT | Punro [Twitter]

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