Bandai Studios’ Code Vein is around the corner and getting a lot more updates than usual. Bandai Namco released four new images of 4 great characters who will all be useful in your quest to take down the monsters, demons and enemies, as revenants trying to acquire blood and survive in the underworld, dystopian action role-playing next generation game. 


The characters 

  1. Coco:  is the owner of the general store in the Home Base. 
  2. Dave: is a member of Cerberus, although he lost his memories due to numerous hard and intense battles.
  3. Io: was a character revealed by gaming magazine Famitsu 
  4. Rin Murasame: is and weapon seller and upgrader. She is also known as the “Yaksha” (demon) for her astounding combat prowess.



We must protect the children at all costs





Date published: 09/05/18 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Bandai Namco US [Twitter] (2) Code Vein characters [Wikia] (3) Bandai Namco America [Instagram] (4) Bandai Namco America 2 [Instagram]

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