I’m sure by now if you are watching My Hero Academia, you witnessed why this episode is so special, on the 28th of April 2018, Japanese anime studio released the episode 42 of Boku no Hero Academia also known as My Hero Academia in the west as season 3, episode 4. This episode is the best episode so far in this series because we get to see Izuku Midoriya truly change as a character and become a true superhero. 

The Forest training arc, has put the students of UA and pro heroes in a dire situation, but the reason why this is such an important episode for the main character is because we truly get to see Deku become a hero and save Kota from his darkness of hating the super hero society within My Hero Academia. The author Kōhei Horikoshi and the staff at Bones the Japanese animation studio did an amazing job adapting this episode from chapter 75 of the manga.

Kota was at his most vulnerable and Midoriya, arrived at the right time to battle, one of the most notorious villains in the series Muscular who is part of the Vanguad action squad who are part of the League of villains, on their mission to capture Katsuki Kacchan.

This episode, really emphasised on Kota, growing up and realising heroes are real and not as bad as he once thought due his parent’s death and defending his family’s honour, Kota was a key character in this episode and Izuku Midoriya  helped Kota in a great way protecting Kota from Muscular who described himself as a more superior vesion of Deku. 

Deku sacrificed, his body to take down Muscular he was the definition of a hero defending Kota from the reckless  Muscular who truly tested Izuku’s physical and mental fortitude. This was the best episode of season 3 so far, Deku is the hero we needed when he attacked Muscular and screamed at Kota to escape that was so epic. 

Overall episode 4 season 3 of My Hero Academia was iconic, not only did this fight scene allow us to see the fruits of Deku’s training it emotionally connected with the My Hero Academia fandom. and also Kota now has a new-found respect for heroes since Deku is his hero who saved his life, the impact of the villains is truly shocking, the league of villains vanguard action squad is one of the most badass enemies groups in anime and let’s not forget Dabi with his badass blue flames against Shota Aizawa.

Additonally I want to, talk about the attacks. Deku utislied 100% Detroit Smash but it didn’t work so he than used 1,000,000% Detroit Deleware Smash but this is an exaggeration on the mangaka’s part he explained that it is a mental thing, a way of Izuku expressing his intense emotions during this powerful scene, also in my opinion up until now Deku was merley a user of One for all but now he has truly connected with it.

When Kota used his water quirk, Deku’s eye lights up he than has a chance to defeat Muscular and he does using his battle cry attack 1,000,000 Detroit Deleware Smash during the quirk’s scene you see at the end of the sequence the green colour is present at the end, this must mean Deku us now connected with his quirk on a deper level remember this Forest training camp is for the students to strengthen their quirks. 

Check out some of the My Hero Academia’s reaction on Twitter to season 3, episode 4 and the video of my favourite moment from this epic episode. 















Date published: 30/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Comicbook.com [Boku No Hero Academia] (2) Kohei Horikoshi [Twitter]

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