The official sneak preview for the upcoming, third season of Attack on Titan is finally released and it is a great one, this promotional video was released from NHK, season 3 of Attack on Titan is being animated by WIT studio, in Japan. For the western audience Funimation will be releasing the episodes that will be available to watch on their streaming service and Crunchyroll. Season 3 will be available July 22nd, this is one of the most anticipated anime of this year, season 3 will be full of a lot of new revelations.

The new season will introduce a plethora of new lore, and new characters who are all determined to eliminate the titans, this season will also feature new characters who will rival the established characters. season 3 will greatness.







Check out the latest season 3 visual showcasing the key characters of the anime


new visal.jpg





Date published: 27/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Funimation [YouTube]

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