So according to YouTuber NoahJ456, YouTube are introducing a new feature, to their popular video sharing website that will allow YouTubers to claim their own stolen content from other thieving YouTube re-uploaders, this feature will allow YouTubers to claim a percentage of what I am assuming is ad-revenue similar to how when a company copyright claims a YouTube video they will get the ad revenue.

This feature will allow YouTubers, to copyright claim their stolen content and earn more of what they are making, I mean it is fair no content creator should have content stolen from them, in my opinion this feature needs to be somehow implemented outside of YouTube they are probably more people stealing YouTubers’ content and putting them on other video sharing websites for advertisement revenue theft of YouTubers’ creations need to stop. 






Date published: 26/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) NoahJ456 [Twitter]

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