Watch the VENOM – Official Trailer

Sony Pictures revealed the official full trailer for the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, who is a investigative journalist who is working on a case on disadvantaged humans being used for human experiments, combined with symbiotes. The movie seems to follow to plot of Eddie Brock trying to expose an evil private organisation, that does illegal, inhumane and unethical human experiments testing the alien symbiote. It seems like Eddie will be exposing the evil scientists in this movie.



Check out the awesome trailer below:





Check out the official Venom movie poster below:






Date published: 24/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Sony Pictures Entertainment [YouTube]

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8 thoughts on “Watch the VENOM – Official Trailer

      1. I think he has his own webbing. Unlike Spider-Man, he can use his own powers to make his webs without needing to worry about running out. I hear also Spider-Man can’t use his Spider Sense on Venom. Venom can sneak up to him.

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      2. Spider-Man’s spider sense works on everyone, however I think in the comics, since Spider-Man originally had the symbriote and he got the black suit, the alien was able to learn about Spider-Man’s powers. After Spider-Man separated himself, the alien took everything it learned about and bonded with Eddie Brock. In the end, Venom is like the evil version of Spider-Man.

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