Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Teagen Croft (Raven), Brenton Thwaites (Robin) and Anna Diop (Starfire) for the upcoming live action TV series Titan costume appearances has leaked online. These images are from set in Toronto, Canada on set during productions. To me all the pictures are linked so this must be from one episode or maybe it could be a two-part episode. 

The Titans, seem to be on some kind of espionage, undercover mission or maybe they are coming back from a mission. They seem to be relaxing during their free time in these pictures. In my opinion Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy looks the best even though the green skin is not prevalent. I believe Beast Boy’s green skin make up will be implemented in a later stage since these is behind the scenes images or CGI. Beast Boy’s outfit is a nod to the DC rebirth series Changeling with the signature red and white colours.

Tegean Croft’s Raven, is a nod to the DC rebirth for Raven, when she is still a young girl coming to terms with being a super powered being, the costume is loosely based from the rebirth and possibly other incarnations of Raven, the purple hair is part of the costume so, it’s good they included that, as for the gemstone on her forehead she could get it during future events in future seasons of this show with Trigon.

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, looks good he is out of costume and looks completely normal, the only thing I want to see in this character is black hair but I guess I’m nitpicking at this point. The clothes look like what a typical young man in his early 20’s would wear and he looks like he is on his way to work as a cop, yes Dick Grayson will be a cop in this maybe a detective. 

Anna Diop as Starfire looks different, from what I expected and a lot of comic book fans online are upset, me on the other hand I am optimistic about this approach. I believe this is a disguise or her normal clothes outside of her superhero uniform.

















Date published: 11/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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