I heard a lot of hype, for Megalo Box, a brand new boxing anime for the spring season of 2018 and boy did it live up to the expectations, the first episode introduces us to the main character who goes by the alias Junk Dog he and his boss are working together to earn revenue from fixed fights in the underground circuit of Megalo boxing, which is boxing with an enhanced mecha support on each fighter assisting them.

This anime is a breath of fresh air and the newest sport anime of the spring 2018 anime season. This anime has an old school art style and animation, that is similar to anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Ruroni Kenshin. this makes this anime the dark horse’s of the spring 2018 anime season since not many anime have this 2000 anime art style.

Megalo Box is the 20th anniversary for the classic anime/manga Ashita no Joe and shares similar themes of the protagonist’s being troubled teens trying to find a way out of poverty and troubles Joe Yakubi and Junkyard Dog are quite similar in that way. If you’re interested in a badass yet classic boxing anime similar to Hajime no Ippo this is the anime for you. Megalo Box in my opinion started of great, with Junkyard Dog being the underdog fighter determined to make a name for himself in the pro circuit. 





Date published: 08/04/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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