Check out the reaction for Super Smash Bros. [2018] from the Nintendo community

The Nintendo community are arguably the most passionate group of gamers, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct coverage was a great showcase and displays how important the gaming culture is to our generation. Nintendo unleashed, an amazing surprise full of easter eggs for the Nintendo fan base to unravel.

Some of the leaders in the YouTube Nintendo community that are my favourite YouTube content creators include the talented and always funny Etika from the Etika World Network his passion, tenacity and energy and commitment to the fans is outstanding. 






Date published: 09/03/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) imsalt [Etika Highlighter]      (2) Subscribe to Etika

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2 thoughts on “Check out the reaction for Super Smash Bros. [2018] from the Nintendo community

  1. I’m incredibly excited for the new Smash on Switch. I was a bit disheartened by some comments from the community saying that it would be Smash 4.5. I disagree because I don’t think Nintendo would half ass one of its biggest franchises. I think it’s going to blow people away.

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    1. Yeah man I totally agree, since there was a lot of doubt a lot of people didn’t think Super Smash Bros. would be confirmed but it’s awesome to see the reaction and hype around this awesome legacy fighting game from Nintendo

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