The independent video game studio from Spain, Madrid Pixel Hungry Pixel are campaigning for a new 2D horizontal side-scrolling pixel art adventure game to get funded by their kickstarter this new game, features a dark and sinister plot. The protagonist will be involved in a dark and twisted surreal world. The story revolves around the protagonist being abandoned by wife and using drugs, alcohol and lust as forms of escapism from his sad reality this game is deep. 

Players will be able to discover the sinister land of Netherworld from, its darkest corners with hostile NPC’s where you can use flames and weapons such as guns to face off against tough boss battles, oh and you can get drunk in this game. The developers of this game Hungry Pixel wanted to create an unusual, unique story that is deeply eccentric with ridiculous situations, this video game will include Dark Souls references and many more aimed at players with a keen eye for easter eggs.

The final bosses will, each have unique mechanics making sure the battles are intense that will put the black squid hero to the test and bring him happiness fighting evil and fighting for a heroic cause. This game will feature weapons and attacks for instance nearby objects this game will have a similar dynamic to Shadow of Colossus.


This dark and twisted game is badass and an exciting new project from the Madrid, Spain indie developers Hungry Pixel  with 178 backers so far, donate to support this cause this game deserves a shot for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Support Netherworld via this Kickstarter project


The Features of the game: 

  1. Dark and twisted world 
  2. Large variety of scenarios 
  3. Deep (and surreal) story 
  4. NPC’s and their own behaviour and evolution 
  5.  Epic battles huge grotesque bosses 
  6. Tons of weapons and accessories 
  7. Humour 



Check out the trailer for Netherworld: 




Check out the awesome screenshots for Nether World: 






Date published: 05/03/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Support Netherworld Games   (2) Netherworld Game [YouTube](3) Netherworld Game [Official Website]  (4) Hungry Pixel [Instagram]

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