With the hype of Soul Calibur returning to consoles and PC, Bandai Namco Entertainment the gaming publisher known for developing fighting games and anime games are releasing character announcements to the world, and another awesome character is confirmed and he is Zasalamel who possess high fighting skill with his powerful death scythe.

Zasalamel also possess high magic abilities and could master most spells after seeing them used once. It is almost impossible to truly kill Zasalamel, as whenever he dies his soul will be reborn in a new body with all of his previous bodies traits and memories.

He is capable of using a special magic to open up a magnet portal to the jet-black world of the abyss. He can also open up a portal to the void, which he can seal up when he no longer needs it. He is also capable of creating soild illusions that can fight, and also summoning undead servants.


Check out the awesome announcement trailer below:






Date published: 25/02/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Warner Bros Japan [YouTube]

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