MARVEL Comics announce “Fresh Start” Reboot | [Major News]

Marvel Comics announced that, they will be rebooting their comic book series’ the new reboot will be called “A Fresh Start” coming out May 2018 “new series, new creative teams, new directions, new beginnings.”







marvel reboot.jpg
Credit: Jim Cheung (Marvel Comics)







Date published: 20/02/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Marvel Entertainment [YouTube]

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14 thoughts on “MARVEL Comics announce “Fresh Start” Reboot | [Major News]

  1. So…is Marvel scrapping the trash they’ve been dropping over these last two years? I hope that’s the case because the characters they had like Iron Heart really made me start to hate Marvel comics.

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      1. That’s a smart move, sales tanked last year because people just didn’t like the way they wrote their characters, they treated them less like people and more like objects and ideologies.

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      2. America Chavez, Iron Heart, Spider-Gwen, Silk (who could’ve been done much better). I more so have a problem with the way they were written, if they were written better people would be fine with them. There’s also comics like Black Panther in the Crew that just pretty much insult characters like T’Calla and Storm.

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