The official Code Vein Twitter has released information, on the different characters that will be in the upcoming game. This is a great way to introduce all of us to this new game since we don’t really know much about the personalities in this game.  The first character the developers introduce us to is Rin Murasame.

Rin Murasame is a NPC character, she is a weapons dealer who runs at the home base she will supply you with weapons and upgrades at the home base. Murasame is known for having excellent combat prowess. She also has the nickname “Yashka” for this very reason. 

Rin Mursame also suffered a traumatic experience, that continues to haunt her this will most likely be revealed in the game. 





Date published: 08/02/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) CODE VEIN [Twitter]

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