The Black Panther 2018 movie directed by Ryan Coogler and distributed by Marvel Studios, established their premiere last night in Los Angeles, this premiere was an excellent display of African talent, the main man himself actor Chadwick Boseman who will be playing T’challa also known as Black Panther came out on the red carpet looking professional alongside his body-guard. signing Black Panther merchandise for the long awaiting fans, this was a great moment to see Mr Boseman giving back and taking time out of his busy schedule to sign posters, Pop Vinyl unopened action figures this movie is going to be outstanding.





Check out the Black Panther premiere dress code: “Royal Attire Requested”





Date published: 30/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) ThatGirlCarly [Twitter] (2) Marvel [YouTube]

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