Meet Oswald the newest character to join King of Fighters XIV | [Major News]

Meet Oswald the newest addition to, the ever-growing cast of characters for SNK’s King of Fighter’s XIV, this character was revealed on January 26th at the SNK booth at EVO Japan he was a playable character for the first two days of EVO Japan 2018. Oswald is a card dealing crook (he’s a professional hitman) but a great fighter who uses his cunning martial arts to take out his opponents.

Oswald fights with his slashing playing cards akin to knives, using a unique fighting style named after Karnöffel; his suit moves (Spade, Diamond, Club and Heart) can all be uniquely chained-together as a focal point of his gameplay. Many fans have noted that Oswald’s card-based fighting style is remarkably similar to X-Men’s Gambit(this comparison is most obvious between Oswald’s Joker LDM and Gambit’s Royal Flush super). Oswald even has a super named Royal Flush, but is done differently from Gambit’s version. 

Source: (3) SNK Wiki [Owald]

King of Fighters XIV is available now on for the PlayStation 4 and the PC.




Check out Oswald’s original King of Fighters appearance in King of Fighters XI, which was a main game in the original series that was released in 2005, thanks for the news tip Jin Yamacho a great member of the fighting  game community.





Date published: 28/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) PlayStation [YouTube\Oswald KOF XIV DLC] (2) UK IGN [Oswald KOF XIV] (3) SNK Wiki [Owald]

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