The Sonic Team, on Twitter, showed gratitude for the 5,000,000 million supporters of the Sonic the Hedgehog gaming series. The Sonic Team recently released their critically acclaimed Project Sonic 2017 which was two brand new Sonic video games. The first Sonic title that was released in 2017 was Sonic Mania developed by Hardlight Sega’s UK development studio, this game was praised for bringing back, Sonic’s true heritage in the nostalgic sense.

The second game that was released in 2017 was the controversial Sonic Forces developed by Sonic Team which received mixed reviews, a lot of people disliked the game due to clunky controls, short levels, classic sonic not being necessary since this was supposed to be a modern sonic game and so on. Overall the Sonic is still a legacy icon in video games and it is amazing to know over 5,000,000 people are dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog.






I’m Sonic the Hedgehog! I have no master, except the wind that blows free!” – Sonic 2010




Date published: 25/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Sources: (1) Sonic the Hedgehog [Twitter]

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