Check out the vibrant and creative anime characters based on cryptocurrencies

This is, incredible, cryptocurrency is a very exciting trend in 2018 and now even the anime community wants, to bring awareness to the world, since the world most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin started in East Asia specifically Japan.

The Japanese cryptocurrency website Crypto Currency Girls has turned some of the more popular cryptocurrencies into anime characters. For all your crypto waifu pleasures and needs this is wonderful for people who want to learn about the new revolution of digital currencies not just bitcoin but ethereum and litecoin and many others, here are some of the Crypto Anime Girls. listed below: 


1 Bitcoin girl

1. Bitchaincoin


2 Ethereum girl

2. Ethereum


3 Dash girl

3. Dash 


4 Litecoin girl

4. Litecoin 


5 Monereo girl

5. Monereo 


6 Ripple girl

6. Ripple


7 Nem girl

7. Nem


8 Etherum Classic girl

8. Ethereum Classic


9 Augur girl

9. Augur


10 Monacoin girl

10. Monacoin


11 Mobile go girl

11. MobileGo 


12 Zcash girl

12. Zcash 


13 Gamecredits girl

13. Gamecredits 


14 Lisk girl

14. Lisk


15 Factom girl

15. Factom






Date published: 21/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Sources: (1) crypto-currency-girls (2) Crypto 314 [Japanese cryptocurrency news]

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