Final Fantasy Xbox Royal Edition will be available in March

Square Enix announced the final stage for Final Fantasy XV, the game publisher and game developers want to keep the Final Fantasy XV community active, by releasing the Royal Edition which will include the acclaimed epic story to new heights, and also all four character DLC will be included and new boss battles.

The 10 year timeskip that occurred in the game during the last stages of the game. When Noctis finds the Crystal deep inside Zegnautus Keep, he is absorbed inside it. He learns Ardyn Izunia is his immortal ancestor who once served the Astrals but when saving people from daemons by absorbing them, corrupts his soul.

  1. Noctis learns he is the True King who can purge the world of Starscourge at the cost of his own life.
  2. Noctis disappears for ten years, during which time darkness overwhelms Eos and it is overtaken by daemons.
  3. Lestallum becomes the center of the remaining civilisation with small hunter outposts operating around Lucis.


Check out the promotional image below Royal Edition will contain over 20 game DLC items including all season pass content on ! Available worldwide, March 6th, 2018!

Photo Credits via Square Enix on Twitter




Date published: 20/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Square Enix [Twitter]

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