Actress Nafessa Williams superhero counterpart has been revealed. Nafessa Williams will be portraying character Black Lightning’s daughter Anissa Pierce. In a recent interview it was revealed that this character is the older sibling. Black Lighting has two daughters who are also metahumans with Thunder and Lightning powers. They will most likely be joining him as sidekicks. 

Nafessa Williams will be portraying Anissa Pierce also known as Thunder, she is a lesbian too and is the older daughter of Jefferson Pierce also known as Black Lightning. Thunder is a total badass superhero she has the following abilities: Computer manipulation, being a trained doctor and being multilingual she also has the following powers:  Density control,  She can increase the density of her body to make herself immovable and completely invulnerable and of course her most notable power,energy Projection: She can create massive shock waves just by stomping the ground.



Check out the awesome superhero suit of Thunder for Black Lightning the series will premiere January 16th on the CW Network in America and on Netflix for the UK on January the 23rd on Tuesday.

Thunder for Black Lightning looking badass via Facebook






Date published: 07/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Black Lightning [Facebook]  (2) Anissa Pierce [DC Wikia]  (3) Nafessa Williams IMDB

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