Marvel Entertainment announced on their official Instagram that the soundtrack for the Black Panther (2018) movie featuring Kendrick Lamar, Dangeroo Kipawaa and Top Dawg Entertainment and SZA, this song will be in the upcoming movie. The song is mellow and has a nice vibe to it. listen to the song the link is here and source (2) and source (3) .


Listen to the song also directly on YouTube below:


Marvel Comics Instagram post regarding this new song

@KendrickLamar@DangerooKipawaa, and @TopDawgEnt will curate and produce “Black Panther: The Album, Music from and Inspired by the Film,” including lead single “All the Stars” by @SZA: [link in bio] 






Date published: 04/01/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Marvel Comics [Instagram]     (2) Open Spotify   (3) Listen to the new song   (4) Kendrick Lamar VEVO [YouTube]

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