DC Comics, released a pivotal issue called NIGHTWING THE NEW ORDER issue 5, the cover reveals this issue will include Nightwing helping Superman caught between old friends and the new order created by Superman, this issue’s cover is amazing, if you didn’t know Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing got the inspiration for his superhero name from Superman, Nightwing was a Kryptonian superhero. Check out the synopsis below for this awesome comic.


Check out the synopsis of this awesome comic book below:

After a stunning revelation about the nature of Jake’s powers, the former Titans head to Metropolis to join forces with the one person who they believe they can restore the world’s superpowers—the depowered Superman! Caught between his old friends and the new order he created, Dick Grayson refuses to let his son become a weapon for either side…but is it even his choice anymore? How far will Dick go to protect his son?





Date published: 31/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) DC Comics Nightwing The New Order #5 (2) DC Comics NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #5

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