Young Justice: Outsiders (Season 3) Producer Confirms Late-2018 Premiere | [Major News]

Young Justice season 3 also known as Young Justice: Outsiders will be premiering during the fourth quarter next year (October to December 2018). The specific date is unspecified but below in the tweet below by the two parties: Saul M (Twitter Handle: @SoulSnatcherSMM) and one of the leading writer for Young Justice: Outsiders: Greg Weisman (Twitter handle: @Greg_Weisman). 

This is great news, Young Justice: Outsiders the third season of Young Justice is a highly anticpated animated series that many people including me are happy to see is returning, the first two seasons consisted of Superhero sidekicks such as: Robin, Superboy, Roy Harper (Arsneal) and Nightwing all finding their place as fully fledged superheroes in their own right, against super villains. Season 3 will be epic.






Date published: 29/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Soul Snatcher SMM [Twitter]     (2) Greg_Weisman [Twitter Young Justice Writer]

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