Today, I want my readers you guys and girls to meet one of the coolest cosplayers and gaming Twitch streamers out there Fiona Nova, Fiona Nova is 21-year-old hailing from New York City she is a University student studying Fashion. We did an interview and it’s time to share it to the world this interview will consist of interesting questions about her advancing cosplay career, video games lifestyle and her education and other aspects of her life. 


Joseph Opoku: (1) What inspired you to start cosplaying in the first place ?


Fiona Nova: (1) My little brother is the reason I started cosplaying. I’ve always loved designing, and sewing my own clothing so to know that I could do that AND be myself was something I wanted to try out!




Joseph Opoku: (2) What is your nationality and ethnicity?


Fiona Nova: (2) I am European, my father is 100% Italian, while my mother is from Central Africa (Bangui). I was able to receive both nationalities, french and american.


Joseph Opoku: (3) What got you into playing Overwatch on Twitch?


Fiona Nova: (3) I didn’t know about twitch and streaming since a little more than last year. Overwatch was a game I started playing since beta, and I decided that I could stream it since it became so popular!



Joseph Opoku: (4)  Do you plan on competing in major league E-sports tournaments for Overwatch ?


Fiona Nova: (4) I really wish I could! I think that would be a mini-goal of mines. I need to get a lot better though. I play a lot because it’s fun but also in hopes to get better and to get recognised! If I ever get the opportunity to join a team and do tournaments regularly, I will 100% take it!


Joseph Opoku: (5) As person of colour cosplayer do you feel pressured to cosplay as darker skinned characters or not ?


Fiona Nova: (5) Yes, I used to feel pressured because people expected me to cosplay the darker skinned character. I don’t really feel that way anymore because I decided that I will cosplay what I want! If I end up cosplaying a darker skinned character, then so be it, but just cause a new character, who’s dark skinned, comes out, doesn’t mean I have to cosplay it. If I like the design, the character, and want to dedicate my time and money to it, I will do it!


Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [Blackcat from Spider-Man]

Joseph Opoku: (6) How old are you and are you currently studying ?


Fiona Nova (6) I’m 21, and yes I am a student right now.



Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [Cindy from Final Fantasy XV]


Joseph Opoku: (7)  Nowadays I see a lot of cosplayers posing for lewd shots and boudoir do you support this movement in the cosplay community?


Fiona Nova: (7) I 100% support it because its nobodies business on how people are able to get money, especially since they aren’t hurting anyone. Doing lewd/boudoir isn’t a new thing that just suddenly appeared, many women and men have done stuff like this to finance their life or education etcc.. It’s not just cosplayers do this type of stuff, its pretty much anyone who wants to do it.


Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [Lara Croft from Tomb Raider]


Joseph Opoku: (8) Where are you located and what conventions do you attend to show off your cosplay outfits ?


Fiona Nova: (8) I’m located in NYC, and I attend a lot of different conventions such as Katsucon, YoumaCon, and New York Comic Con.




Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [AUSA]





Joseph Opoku (9) What aspirations do you have for your future career will you aspire to do cosplay, fashion and gaming full time or will you aim to work in another industry ?



Fiona Nova: (9) Cosplay will probably not be in my future, at least not professionally. I hope to become a host or personality for the gaming industry and even create my own fashion line/brand later down the road.



Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [Emma Frost from X-Men]



Joseph Opoku (10) 10. Do you plan on travelling to London MCM which is our version of Comicon to show of your exciting cosplays and do meet ups with fans of your cosplay and Twitch gaming ?


Fiona Nova: (10)  I absolutely would love to! I would like to maybe get a booth there and be able to meet people and sell some prints. Go email London MCM if you’d like me there LOL!




Photo Credits to Fiona Nova via Facebook [Widowmaker from Overwatch]


Check out the beautiful Fiona Nova on YouTube too, she makes awesome cosplay tutorials and video game content from her live streams:





Date published: 30/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

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