Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 39 [Anime Episode Review]

Spoiler Alert, make sure you have watched the episode prior to reading this review.

What can I say, this episode was genius, Orochimaru the most cunning man in Konoha, who is up to his old and new tricks that mad snake obsessed scientist ninja is one hell of a manipulator. Episode 39 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations gives us a great insight into Mitsuki’s back story and character development. 

The introduction was straightforward, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki were discussing their goals and what they wanted to achieve. Sarada Uchiha eagerly wanted to know what Mitsuki wanted to achieve and he elaborated that he wanted to follow Boruto but this left me conflicted because I believe he can achieve greatness. As Orochimaru’s son (Main test subject) he is very valuable.

Orochimaru is a very clever shinobi and mad scientist, it is unknown if he is truly evil or not he was definitely a villain, during the original Naruto series and also Naruto Shippuden, this episode progressed the story line for Boruto Naruto: Next Generations but specifically Mitsuki.

Mitsuki was injured and suffering from Amnesia but fortunately he and was healed by Orochimaru. with the help of Suigetsu Hozuki. The pacing for Boruto Episode Naruto Next Generations episode 39 is great, the episode reveals what is necessary throughout the beginning, the middle and the ending.


Mitsuki with Orochimaru in the hideout healing from his wounds is reluctant to believe in his resolve and strength but Orochimaru ensures, he is strong shinobi because he has Orochimaru’s genes, Sage mode powers and abilities. Orochimaru ensures that he is in safe hands and Orochimaru and Mitsuki travel to discover a very important vessel in a scroll during the next scenes of the episode. I would consider this the middle part of the episode. This episode revealed three major revelations: Mitsuki’s Sage mode, Log Mitsuki’s elder clone and Orochimaru’s cunning intelligence.

Orochimaru was the clever master mind behind all of this, he created Log the first synthetic created by the man himself Orochimaru which is the older clone of Mitsuki. Episode 39 was his introduction to the anime but the character Log was originally written in the novel: Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon . Log is the first Mitsuku synthetic clone and an elder Mitsuki created before Mitsuki the younger version. Upon reaching the destination where Mitsuki and Orochimaru, Orochimaru left Log also Log was wearing a fully armoured suit with a mask, Orochimaru and Log decided to fight an eternal battle, this scene was epic it has been a very long time since we have seen Orochimaru battle with a sword it.

In a way, episode 39 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was a revelation for fans and the fictional character Mitsuki. to me this episode was an intelligent scheme to lure Mitsuki, Orochimaru and Log all together. I appreciate the subtle ways the animators, writers and voice actors decided to use a plot that Orochimaru collecting a sacred scroll also bear in mind this episode was overseen and most likely written by Masashi Kishimoto the original creator of the Naruto manga.

Overall this episode revealed character development for a much-needed character, Mitsuki is shrouded in mystery, little is known about his past well manga readers and Boruto novel readers but for anime only viewers they need to start reading the source materials. The episode revealed the awesome fast power of Mitsuki’s Sennin mode (Sage Mode) and I just released Mitsku’s Sennin mode is better than Kabuto’s . the set was genius and was difficult to follow at first it made total sense after I watched episode 39 the second time, I like how Mitsuki’s sage mode transformation consists of a unicorn like horn during the inception and the aura is light blue with Hebi’s (Snake’s) all over him it is totally badass and increases his speed and endurance as a Shinobi who is already at a Jounin level.

Check out below for my ranking of this episode, pro’s and cons and video links and images of episode 39 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.




“Mitsuki’s sage mode was badass, he is definitely an interesting addition to the new Team 7, Orochimaru is a clever shinobi, as the only Legendary Sannin in Boruto Naruto Next Generation he is a master manipulator, the way he used that situation to ensure Mitsuki would achieve sage mode and also meet and battle his own brother wow episode 39 was epic, and very fast I believe he will rival many characters in the upcoming episodes.”






Check out the awesome screenshots of Mitsuki’s first time using his awesome Sage mode:



Watch the awesome awakening of Mitsuki’s Sage Mode and also Orochimaru vs Log [Mitsuki’s Adult version]:




Check out the Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Episode 39 Screenshots:





  1. Mitsuki’s awesome fast Sage Mode the way he collected the scroll at lightning speed could rival other speed anime characters
  2. Orochimaru vs Log [Mitsuki’s Elder Brother]
  3. Learning more about Mitsuki’s back story seeing Suigetsu Hozuki and Orochimaru at their hideout
  4. Orochimaru’s intellect, using a katana, Orochimaru’s snakes, The only legendary Sannin left in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  5. The art and animation during the battles and Sage mode scene it was crisp, the frame rate was on point and this is what all Naruto/Naruto Shippuden fans were waiting for
  6. The scroll mission was a decoy just to ensure Mitsuki unleashes Sage Mode



  1. Confusing plot twists 
  2. Irrelevant new villains 
  3. Log being perceived as an evil villain 
  4. The fact that we get no new episode next week
  5. Sarada questioning Mitsuki 
  6. Mitsuki not having his own path just always following Boruto




Rating: star.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpgstar.jpg

9/10 Nine out of Ten Stars






Date published: 29/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Naruto7_hokage_30 1 [Instagram]      (2) Naruto7_hokage30 2 [Instagram]    (3) Madara S [YouTube]    (4)  Fang Strizer [YouTube]

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