Photo Credits to: Michael Dapaah 


The Ghanaian-British born actor, musician and comedian Michael Dapaah, has complained that the Internet service in West Africa country Ghana is bad, Micheal Dapaah commercially known as Big Shaq was visiting the homeland of Ghana. Micheal Dapaah was in Ghana for business and for the Winter Holiday season. Michael Dapaah has a series on YouTube called SWIL where he portrays Dr Ofori (The Uber Driver), Big Shaq (The UK Rapper), Patrick (Parking enforcement officer). SWIL Michael Dapaah utilised the help of proffersional cameraman, filmer and director Marv Brown the Co-creator for SWIL.

Michael Dapaah’s YouTube series SWIL has earned him 152,379,620 views in total this is very impressive, I can only hope that Ghana can sort out their infrastructure and technology to fund for better services to provide high quality internet from businesses such as MTN, Africaonline, iBurstGhana and Surfline.


Check out the tweet from Michael Dapaah himself:


Micheal Dapaah is a musician and he will be performing his smash hit “Mans Not Hot” in Ghana the details are below if you’re in Ghana and interested in seeing man like Big Shaq live, this is an event not to be missed I can assure you on that one.




Check out Michael Dapaah and his family member below, this picture is lovely.





Date published: 27/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Michael Dapaah [Twitter] (2) Michael Dapaah [Wikipedia] (3) Marv Brown [Instagram Filmer and Director] (4) Michael Dapaah SWIL [YouTube]

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