Developer Reveals Jet Set Radio Visual Proof of Concept Recently Rejected By SEGA | [News]

Awesome rollerblading futuristic game rejected by SEGA 


Games developer studio Dinosaur Games, recently released a video on YouTube, showing off the visual concept proof for a brand new Jet Set Radio video game, that was recently pitched and rejected by SEGA unfortunately.

The studio wrote down a statement of how this proof of concept was created after Sony expressed an interest in seeing it at Games development Conference 2017. “This was the first step towards a gameplay demo,” said Dinosaur Games. “If SEGA was interested, we were going to invest in making a functioning prototype.”


Dinosaur games developer stated on the YouTube video description:

“We made this Visual Proof of Concept after Sony expressed interest in seeing the characters in motion at GDC 2017. We spent a week animating and building the city for this presentation which was ultimately turned down by Sega.”

Source: (1) 


The owner of Dinosaur Games has answered a few questions we had via Twitter with more on how the project came to be. It seems that they weren’t contracted by Sony to create this for GDC, but showed Sony their game artwork for Jet Set Radio Evolution, told them they wanted to see the game in motion.

Check out the tweet below from Jesse Sosa, the owner of Dinosaur Games:


Check out the Jet Set Radio Evolution: Visual Proof of Concept from Dinosaur Games below:




Check out the Jet Set Radio Evolution: Visual Proof from Dinosaur Games below via Twitter:






Date published: 19/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source:  (1) SEGABITS [Official Sega Bits Blog] (2) dinogamedev [YouTube] (3) SEGA  (4) Hideki_Naganuma [Twitter] (5) Dinosaur Gamedevelopers [Twitter]

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