Zendaya’s journey from Teen sensation to Adult superstar | [Major News]

Zendaya Coleman is a one of a kind, type of actress since the age of 14, Zendaya Coleman has been dancing and showing off her moves on the Disney Channel show Shake it up a few years ago. She also potrayed a teenage spy, who is good at maths and martial-arts in another Disney channel show “K.C. Undercover.” She’s a huge entertainer who has many talents such as her unique dance ability, singing and off course acting and now she is elevating her career even more which is amazing.

She has achieved greatness, at the age of 21, Now she is getting older blossoming  into adulthood as a trapeze artist extraordinaire in “The Greatest Showman,” Michael Gracey’s movie musical about P.T. Barnum, opening Wednesday, Dec. 20.

She talks about her leap from the Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover” into adult fare as a trapeze artist in “The Greatest Showman.” she is also working with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron who are also world-class actors, this is an exciting time for this young woman she is her way to stardom, I wish her all the best, what a professional. 

Photo credits: nytimes.com

Check out the beautiful and talented actress above and below







Date published: 15/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source:  (1) NYTIMES.COM  (2) Zendaya Coleman [Facebook] 

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